(Cold) Hors D'oeuvres

These prices not included with setup on your table and only drop off
Caprese (skewered) with balsamic reduction$2.50
Smoked salmon with cucumbers*$2.50
Smoked salmon with puff pastry*$2.50
Bacon and cheese on pretzel stick$2.50
Bruschetta with kalamata olive, parmesan, tomato$2.00
Colored deviled egg $2.50
Shrimp with avocado aioli $2.50
Koo koo (egg and herbs frittata) $2.50
monte cristo sandwiches* $3.00
Eggplant caviar (vegan) $2.00
Artichoke sundried tomato wonton cupcakes $2.50
Creamed herbed potato in wonton cup $2.50
Salami bites $2.00
Duchesse potato $2.50
Tuna tartare with wonton* $3.50
Chicken salad olivieh $2.50
Pasted beans walnut $2.00
Shrimp wonton cups with guacamole $2.50
Cold cut wraps* $3.00
Chicken salad spread $2.00
Tuna salad spread $2.50
Guacamole (individual) $3.00
Shrimp cocktail* $3.50
Watermelon and feta (seasonal) $2.50
Avocado and tuna tartar* $3.50
Smoked sturgeon** $3.50
Deviled egg with caviar $3.50
Prosciutto wrapped asparagus $3.00
Tricolor potato canapes with caviar** $3.50

(Hot) Hors D'oeuvres

These prices not included with setup on your table and only drop off
Mini meatballs with cheese and marinara sauce (Italian)$2.50
Swedish meatballs $2.50
Spinach borek $2.50
Mini pizza (chicken BBQ, greek, sausage & vegetables)** $4.00
Fresh spring rolls $2.50
Chicken skewers (sweet and sour sauce) $2.50
Beef skewers (teriyaki sauce)* $3.50
Shrimp skewers (orange and ginger sauce)* $2.50
BBQ chicken in wonton cup $2.50
Falafel $2.00
Mini burger sliders $3.50
Coconut shrimp sliders $3.50
Chicken parmesan bites with cheese $2.50
Chicken julienne cups (mushroom cream sauce) $2.50
Sausage with wrapped puff pastry $2.50
Crab cake* $3.00
Bacon wrapped sausage $2.50
Coconut tofu with teriyaki sauce $2.50
French dip cupcakes $2.50
Pulled BBQ beef or pork sliders $3.50


Served in big bowls or platters
Caprese salad
Spring mix salad (cucumber, tomato, onion, colored peppers, dried
cranberries, goat cheese with homemade balsamic dressing)
Caesar salad
Chinese chicken salad (orange, ginger, and honey dressing)
Avocado salad
Pasta salad (rainbow)
Potato salad
Cabbage vinegar salad
Colored Beets salad
Beets pomegranate walnut salad
Carrots garbanzo salad
Greek salad
Colored Beans salad
Middleeastern salad (fattoush)
Creamy coleslaw salad
Asian coleslaw salad

Side Dishes

Baba Ganoush
Spinach yogurt dip
Marinated roasted peppers
Spaghetti squash
Glazed carrots
Steamed broccoli
Marinated asparagus and mushroom
Spinach with creamy white sauce
Sauteed spring vegetables
Curry cauliflower
Sauteed mushrooms tossed in garlic butter and fresh herbs
Seasoning roasted vegetable
Persian shallot with labneh yogurt
Cheese platter (assortment of fresh, aged, soft, and hard cheese server with crackers and dried fruit) ** $50-$100
Charcuterie with cheese platter (assortment of cooked, cured and smoked meats served with country mustard and crostini, assorted pickles, assorted fruits) ** $120-$200


All entrees come with your choice of side starch & side dish Additional Charge for 2 star recipes for this menu

Orange chicken with fried rice (Asian)
Shrimp scampi (Italian)
Chicken fettuccine pesto sauce (Italian)
Chicken with penne and pink sauce (Italian)
Chicken cordon bleu with mushroom sauce (French)
Chicken marsala (Italian)
Oven baked salmon with lemon capers sauce (Italian)
Rack of lamb with rosemary sauce (Italian)**
Pork tenderloin with pineapple butter sauce (American)
Chicken tacos or burritos (Mexican)
Beef tacos or burritos (Mexican)
Chicken satay with coconut curry sauce (Asian)
Honey ginger salmon teriyaki (Asian)
Pan roasted fish with chimichurri and colored veggie sauce (Mediterranean)
Honey walnut crusted salmon (Mediterranean)*
Fish with tropical fruit sauce (Asian)*
Fish with teriyaki sauce (Asian)*
Roasted tenderloin with red wine sauce (French)**
Veal cutlets parmigiana (Italian)*
Baby back pork rib with homemade BBQ sauce* (Chef Made)
Beef stroganoff (Russian)*
Buttermilk fried chicken
Stuffed crepe with fried shrimp and cabbage with sweet chili sauce(Chef Made)
Fish fillets with tartar sauce (American)
Prime rib with garlic blue cheese dressing (American)**
Boneless pork crepe with apple cream sauce (American)
Lobster ravioli with creamy shrimp sauce (Italian)
Spinach stuffed chicken breasts (French)
Roasted raspberry chipotle pork tenderloin (Spanish)
Fish of the day with boursin cream sauce (Spanish)*
Baked ziti with sausage (Italian)
Spaghetti with meatball (Italian)
Prime New York steak (American)**
Meat or spinach lasagna with your choice of sauce (Italian)
Flour coated chicken thigh with creamy mushroom sauce (Chef Made)


Strawberry tartlets
Carrot cake
Banana bread
Gerbert macaroons
Baked creme brulee
Chocolate eclairs
Toffee cream cheese bars
Toffee apple coffee
Fruitable orange passion pudding delight
Fruit platter (assortment of seasonal fruits and berries)
Cheese Cake**
Fruit platter (assortment of seasonal fruits) $50-$200 **

Side Dish Starches

Garlic bread
Garlic mashed potato
White basmati rice
Herb rice (dill, garlic)
Barberry rice
Saffron rice
Pasta with marinara, creamy pesto, alfredo, or pink sauce
Sauteed yam
Roasted tuscan style potatoes
Glazed sweet potatoes
Duchesse potatoes
Risotto with porcini mushroom
Quinoa with herbs and shredded carrots
Oven roasted potatoes with rosemary and garlic
French fried potatoes
Potatoes au gratin
Risotto with shiitake mushroom
Barley with mushroom

Middle eastern and Persian Cuisine

Ashe reshteh
Halim bademjan
Koo koo sabzi
Stuffed cabbage
Stuffed grape leaf
Kabab koobideh
Chicken koobideh
Chicken kebab
Beef kabab
Shish kebab
Lamb kebab
White rice
Adas polo
Baghali polo
Shirin polo
Albaloo polo
Ghormeh sabzi
Khoresht gheymeh
Kashke bademjan
Mosama bademjan
Tahchin morgh
Dolmeh mixed

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